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Kathy Freel, Clerk of Courts

Court Dates How to Contact the Court
Court is held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Village Administration Building, 8188 S. State Route 48 Maineville, Ohio. 513.583.8202 Ext. 103
513.583.0051 Fax
Important Notice Clerk of Court Hours
The Maineville Mayor's Court accepts the following forms of payment:
   Money Order
We do NOT accept Credit or Debit cards 
Payments may be paid in person during regular business hours.  There is an after hours drop box located on the front of the building for payments outside the normal business hours.  The Clerk of Courts is the only person authorized to accept payments for the Mayor's Court. 

If you chose to payout our citation, you must make the payment BEFORE your scheduled court date.  Failure to pay prior to court may result in additional fines and penalties being assessed to your case.
Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Mayor's Court Staff
Kathy Freel, Clerk of Courts
William Fowler, Magistrate
Kevin McDonough, Prosecutor
Important Notice Payout Schedules
If you choose to come to court, and a fine is levied by the Magistrate, YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO PAY THAT FINE AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE COURT SESSION.  Failure to pay may result in additional fees being assessed.
  Parking Citations

 General Bond Schedule

Proof of Insurance  
You are required by law to provide proof of insurance.  If you did not provide this information to the officer, you are required to provide it at your Court appearance or to the Clerk of Courts office when paying your ticket in person, or by enclosing a copy of your insurance when paying by mail.  Failure to provide proof that you are insured will result in your operator's license being suspended though the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Basic Rights

The court wants you to be aware of your basic rights:
1. The law requires this court to bring you to trial within thirty days of the date charged.
You are entitled to be informed of the nature of the charges filed against you: to read the affidavit of complaint against you, and if you do not understand the nature of the charges, have them explained to you.
You have the right to know the identity of the complainant.
You have the right to be represented by counsel.
You have the right to a trial by jury in certain cases.  In this event, your case will be transferred to the Warren County Municipal Court.
You have the right to be informed of the extent of possible punishment if convicted.

Ohio BMV
             Ohio BMV

You can enter any one of the following three pleas:


A plea of NO CONTEST is not an admission of guilt, but is an admission of the truth of the facts stated in the affidavit.  It is then for the court to determine whether the admitted facts constitute the offense. 

A plea of NOT GUILTY should be entered if you dispute the facts stated in the affidavit or feel they do not constitute the offense.  A trial date will then be set. 

If you plead GUILTY, you will be given an opportunity to tell the court anything you feel may mitigate or lesson the sentence. If convicted of a traffic offense, a record of the conviction will be sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

If you do not respond or appear for your case in court, a bench warrant will be issued and/or your license may be forfeited. 

As this is a Mayor's Court, you have a right to appeal any decision of the court within 10 days of the final disposition in the court.  To appeal the case, it will be necessary to complete the notice of appeal form from the clerk.  This will entitle you to a trial de novo (new trial) in the Warren County Court located in Lebanon, Ohio.