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Debra Schmahl, Fiscal Officer

Functions of the Office
The Fiscal Officer serves the same purpose as a Clerk/Treasurer and is responsible for maintaining records of all Council meetings, Village Documents, Human Resources, Payroll and Investments.  The Fiscal Officer position is an appointed position. (OBC 31.044). The office of Fiscal Officer is part of the Executive branch of government.
Income Tax Information


The Village of Maineville enacted a 1% Earnings Tax effective October 2002. A .50% credit is offered to those residents currently paying to another municipality.  If you have questions regarding the filing of your Earned Income Tax, please contact RITA at 1-800-860-7482. 

If you do not receive your paperwork, please contact RITA to have forms sent to you.  Forms are also available for download from the RITA website. If you have questions about the filing of your Earned Income Tax forms, please contact RITA for assistance at the number listed above.

The Village of Maineville Tax Ordinance is available at the Regional Income Tax Agency website. 

  Tax Forms are also available in the resident information box located next to the main entrance of the Administration Building.

Q. What is my Income Tax Money used for?
A. The Village Income Tax is deposited into the Village General Fund and is used to fund all the day to day operations of the Village, which includes the Police and Street Departments.

Q. Does the Street Department also receive funding by the Income Tax?
A. Yes.  Prior to 2012, the Village funded all street related expenses out of the tax money received from the State in the way of gas and permissive taxes.  Due to continued cutbacks by the State of Ohio, the Village now funds approximately 65% of the Street Department out of General Fund dollars.  

Q. My address is Maineville, does that mean I have to pay Income Tax?
A. Not always.  The Income Tax is applied to anyone who lives or works within the corporation limits of the Village.  Areas such as Landen have Maineville addresses, but are not within the corporation limits.  If you are not sure if you are subject to tax, please visit the street directory or call 513-583-8202.

Q. Tax was withheld from my pay and I do not live or work in the Village..  What should I do?
A. If local tax was withheld and you do not work or reside within the corporation limits, you should contact our tax administrator, the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) at 1-800-860-7482 Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.  You can also visit

How to Contact
 513.583.8202 Option 2
 513.583.0441 Fax
 800.860.7482 Income Tax (RITA)
Hours of Operation
 Monday - Thursday
 8:00 am to 1:00 PM
Property Tax Information
  Warren Co. Auditor
Income Tax Ordinance

Download the Maineville Income Tax Ordinance from R.I.T.A
Special Notice regarding the Ohio Tax Finder site
The State of Ohio Tax Finder website does not correctly reflect the boundaries of the the Village.  Please use the Street Finder to determine your Village tax liability.