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Local Zoning   How to Contact

The Village of Maineville enacted local Zoning in 1980. 

The Village is zoned for the protection of property values. You should contact the Village Zoning Department before starting any construction or remodeling project to verify your permit needs.

Permits are required for most construction including new home, accessory uses, fences, certain remodeling projects, and storm water installation projects.

Permits are also needed for all signs, banners and displays; street cut ins, driveway's, replacing or installing sidewalks, solicitation and certain landscaping projects within the Village.

Failure to obtain Zoning Permits prior to the commencement of work will result in fee's being doubled.

Violations of the Village Zoning Ordinance are subject to court action in the Maineville Mayor's Court. 

 513-583-0441 Fax
Hours of Operation
 Monday - Thursday
 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
 Evening hours available by request
  Planning Commission Members
 William Shearer, Mayor
 Doug Drook, Council Liaison
 Gus Bunnell, Resident
 Mike Joner, Resident (Chairperson)
 OPEN SEAT, Resident
Maineville Uniform Development Manual  

              You may contact the Zoning office at 513-583-9961 to view a copy of the
                                              actual manual, as well as purchase a copy.
Regency Park
Salt Run Meadows
Maineville Zoning Ordinance Wellington Estates (Coming Soon)
The Village of Maineville Zoning Ordinance was last updated on December 15th, 2011.    
Chapter Title
TOC Cover Page
1 General Information
2 Administration
3 Zoning Permits
4 Amendment Procedures
5 Establishing Districts
6 R-1 Residence District Regulations
7 R-2 Residence District Regulations
8 R-3 Residence District Regulations
9 RR - Rural Residence District Regulations
10 NB - Neighborhood Business
11 M-1 Light Industry Regulations
12 DC - Downtown Core District
13 DS Downtown Support District
14 PUD Planned Unit Development Overlay Regulations
15 CDO Conservation District Overlay Regulations
16 FPO Flood Plain Regulations
17 Reserved
18 Reserved
19 Schedule of Regulations
20 Parking and Loading Regulations
21 Sign Code
22 Fences
23 Accessory Buildings
24 Other Use Specific Regulations
25 Non-Conforming Uses
26 Board of Zoning Appeals
27 Reserved
28 Lighting Regulations
29 Landscaping and Screening
30 Site Plan Reviews
31 Regulations of Sexually Oriented Business
32 Definitions
Warren Co. Building Department
406 Justice Dr
Room 167
Lebanon, OH 45036
513-695-2984 Fax
Hamilton Twp. Zoning Department
7780 S. State Route 48
Maineville, OH 45039
Michele Tegtmeier, Zoning Inspector
Engineer / Plan Review
The Village of Maineville has contracted with CDS Associates, Inc. since 2007 for plan review services related to new development, and storm water installation and review. 
Projects completed by CDS Associates:
   - Development Fee Study (2011)
   - Uniform Development Manual (2010)
   - Storm Water Fee Study (2010)
   - Comprehensive Plan (2007)
Planner / Zoning Assistance
The Village of Maineville has contracted with McBride Dale Clarion since 2011 for planning and zoning service assistance.
Comprehensive Plan
2007 Comprehensive Plan
The Village of Maineville Zoning Ordinance has been placed on the web for your convenience. 
This is not the official Zoning Ordinance.  You may contact the office of the Zoning Suervisor at
513-583-9961 ext 301 to view a copy of the actual Ordinance, as well as to purchase a copy.
  If there is a discrepancy between the official Zoning Ordinance and what appears on this web site, the official Zoning Ordinance will control.
About the Planning Commission Storm Water Utility Study
The Village of Maineville Planning Commission is established and authorized under Ohio Revised Code 713.01.

The Planning Commission meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the first Tuesday of each month at the Village of Maineville Building.  The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

If you have a Planning or Zoning matter that you would like to be considered by the Planning Commission, submit your issue to the Zoning office by calling 513-583-9961.  

From time to time, the Planning Commission will cancel meetings if there are no agenda topics to be discussed. 
  2010 Storm Water Utility Study