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Welcome to the Village of Maineville!

The Village of Maineville is located in Warren County, Ohio. It was founded in 1815 by settlers consisting of approximately 100 families who migrated Southwest from the state of Maine. Maineville is a non-chartered village consisting of a Mayor and six members of council, each serving four-year terms. The appointed fiscal officer serves as the village clerk and treasurer. The Village of Maineville population, according to the 2020 census, is 1,405. The Village has contracted its zoning and police services to Hamilton Township. The Village of Maineville’s income taxes are used to pay for these contracted services. Village income tax dollars are also used to fund The Village of Maineville Street Department which is responsible for all street maintenance, including snow removal.


The Maineville Village Council voted to adopt American Legal Publishing’s Ohio Basic Code as the code of ordinances for the Municipality of Maineville, Ohio. This is available online at the following link:

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